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SKU: ASE2016

Looking for a computer that can run games like World of Warcraft and Grand Theft Auto on medium settings? Then this is the package for you. The computers built from the Basic package may also be able to run mid-range games but this package is guaranteed to satisfy your gaming needs for mid-range 3D graphics...


Note: Case pictured is an example.No monitor is included in the purchase price.

  • Specifications

    • ​Intel / AMD Triple-Core Processor​

    • NVIDIA / ATI Graphics Card (512MB/1GB)

    • 500GB - 1TB SATA Hard Drive

    • 4GB RAM - 8GB RAM

    • Brand New Case (Multiple Styles)

    • Bluetooth Technology

    • Wireless Access (WiFi)

    • DVD R/W Drive

    • Windows 7 to 10

  • Purchase Details

    Monitor is not included in purchase price.


    Please contact for further details...

  • Gaming

    Please provide details for each game you would like this system to run.

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