Service Amounts

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Personal Computer Maintenance

In-home Setups

Assistance with setting up newly purchased computer systems, printers, etc.


File Transfer & Computer Cloning

Need a computer cloned or files moved to a new system? We can help...


Tower Casing Replacement & Upgrade

Looking for a new case for your PC? We'll move your hardware for a small fee...


Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) Card Replacement

We replace and upgrade old graphics cards...


Motherboard Replacement

Has your motherboard died? We'll do the labor to swap it out...


Virus, Spyware, Malware & Hack Tool Removal

If you don't have the software, we'll do what we can to get your computer operating as normal...


Computer Tune-Up

Fragmented Disk, File Organization, etc.


Internal & External Cleaning

PC full of dust, dirt, and grime? We'll clean the interior or exterior...


Computer Installations

Hand-in-hand with in-home setups...


Diagnostics Fee

If you wish for us to assess your computer problems...


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Graphic & Web Services

Logo Design

Company, Organization or Business Logos


Web Design

Website and website resource design...