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AEON Computer Innovations is an established local service provider based in Birmingham, Alabama. AEON began its establishment as a small professional service provider operating as Angelic Design established in 2005 by Derrick Williamson, Jr. at the age of fifteen. Since our establishment, services have begun to cultivate into a variety of services offered to numerous clients and customers. Due to increased requests regarding computer technology, we have decided to re-develop services as a whole to primarily focus on information technology. AEON was the product of an extensive and deliberating process to re-establish our goals.

Why Us?


Individuals may wonder why they should choose AEON Computer Innovations over alternate businesses, companies, and freelance providers who provide similar services. We strive to provide you with high quality and detailed oriented services to make sure our job is done most effectively. In addition to providing intricate services, we also provide our services at a low cost in comparison to other establishments. By allowing AEON to repair your computer, or even design one for you, you will bypass any diagnostic fees unlike other companies who charge in excess of one hundred dollars to simply inform you following diagnostics. We also provide low cost graphic design services; producing high quality and elegant logo designs to represent your company, organization, or event. If you think you can benefit from our services, please review our pages.

More so, we have provided exceptional graphics and technology based services voluntarily to government agencies; increasing efficiency and professionalism. 


"It was a very pleasant experience working with AEON Computer Innovations. I found the service to be very professional and Mr. Williamson was very conscientious to ensure he discussed every detail to make sure he understood what we desired. We will use his services again and I would recommend him to anyone that needs good and timely work"


"As a recent consumer of AEON Computer Innovations, I was highly impressed by the craftsmanship and the ingenuity of the pieces. The jewelery is clean, carefully attentive and aesthetically alluring. I was very satisfied with my appearance after wearing AEON."


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