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Warranty Duration


  • Cameras – 15 Days

  • Keyboards – 15 Days

  • Computer Mice – 15 Days

  • Computer Cords – 15 Days

  • Computer Monitors 30 Days

  • Computer Components – 15 Days

  • & Other computer related components or Peripherals – 15 Days


Computer Builds

  • Basic Builds - 30 Days

  • Advance Builds - 2 Months

  • Supreme Builds - 3 Months

  • Absolute Builds - 6 Months to One Year based upon agreement

  • Additional 30 Days added to warranty terms for $39.99


Warranty Provisions & Exclusions


All warranties provided on any computer system, computer components, or technologies are subject to be dismissed if any product is illegally tampered with by the client and/or customer. The use of hologram warranty labels and tamper proof equipment are in use to prevent negligence on the clients behalf. Systems provided with warranty will be sealed with hologram warranty void labels with specified numbers and bar-codes. All warranty details will be recorded and provided to the customer and/or client on provided invoice otherwise the client may assume the warranty policy within this statement applies. Craigslist sells do not take on any warranty status unless otherwise noted upon the provided invoice. The warrant provisions presented upon this website do not apply to products purchased through alternate sources which have been created or manufactured by AEON, i.e., eBay, Craigslist, Facebook (Meta) Marketplace, etc. AEON Computer Innovations also has no affiliation with Canada Computers or any other brand which may closely resemble our business name. All of our products either present our logo or have an expressed invoice signifying warrant provisions. 

What Does Your Warranty Cover?

  • Within 15 Days - Refund; Replacement

  • 30 Days to 90 Days - Maintenance and/or Repair; Troubleshooting

  • 90 Days & Upward - Maintenance and/or Repair; Troubleshooting 

  • Contracts Maintenance and/or Repair; Troubleshooting; Defined Replacements; Defined Refunds


Specific Warranty & Policy Agreements


For further warranty related information, please utilize our contact page. 

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