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Need Your Computer Fixed or Repaired?


AEON Computer Innovations provides repair on a wide variety of computers and technology related products. We provide computer hardware and software repair, cellphone repair, laptop/tablet repair, and more. We will set an appointment to come to your location, diagnose the problem, and repair the issue on-site. If we estimate repair time will exceed an certain amount of time we will gladly take your product to our location for repair and return it to you when the service is completed.


*No diagnostics fee applies. Gas/mileage fees do apply for transport unless prior agreement made.


What We Repair


  • Computer Systems (Non-Apple Based Computers)

  • Laptops (Non-Apple Based Computers)

  • Servers

  • Cellphones

  • Other Technology Items


Contact Form


Please provide details about your problem/issue with your product's Brand name, model, serial, or any other relevant identifying information within the "Technology Description" field. Your name and/or business name is required as well as an email address. You may elect to provide your address so that we may determine a service area. If you would like to leave a number to contact, please provide it within the "Phone" field below.


All repair requests will not be honored. In the event we cannot extend our services we will recommend a company, business, and/or organization who will suite your needs.

We will get back to you as soon as possible!

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